Redefine Blockchain Storage
Global Exclusive Patented Technology Integrating Data Encryption and Deduplication
In a unique way, it solves the problems of zero-knowledge encryption and cross-user deduplication that were previously considered to be incompatible with each other. It enlarges storage space and reduces storage costs, while protecting personal and corporate data.
Unique Security Mechanism Ensures Data Sovereignty
YottaChain's comprehensive data security mechanism makes it impossible for the world's top hackers and system designers to snoop about and steal data from ordinary users without the authorization of the data owner, ensuring absolute data sovereignty.
Incomparable Data Storage Reliability
YottaChain adopts the self-designed YTLRC data redundancy encoding, which improves the reconstruction performance of stored data by 16 times. Even under special circumstances it still has much higher performance than traditional erasure coding.
High-efficiency Deduplication Rate Greatly Reduced Costs
The global unified storage pool maximizes the efficiency of data deduplication, thereby maximally reducing storage costs. Furthermore, YottaChain has significant advantages in cooling, bandwidth, operation, maintenance, and utilization of sunk costs.
Seamlessly migrates enormous centralized storage market
The centralized storage market is worth nearly $100 billion. YottaChain offers end-to-end solutions that are binary compatible with centralized storage. This allows a seamless migration from existing centralized storage applications to Yottachain decentralized storage directly, while enjoying the benefits of reliability, low cost, Anti-DDoS and built-in disaster resilience.
Open and Scalable Blockchain Storage System
Open and Scalable Blockchain Storage System is based on YottaChain's advantages in data security, data storage, enterprise application, and other aspects of the core technologies. The new generation of scalable blockchain storage systems allows third parties to use YottaChain technologies to build their own storage networks.
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YottaChain is a blockchain storage public chain built by top scientists and team leaders around the world. YottaChain creates a vast data storage pool by connecting globally distributed storage resources and ensuring each user's data sovereignty and security. Compared with the existing centralized storage infrastructure, YottaChain has an ultra low-cost, higher security, unique encryption and deduplication technology. YottaChain proudly owns more than 200 international patented technologies, among which tower considerable features such as Anti-DDoS and Disaster Tolerance.
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